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Labeling GMOs to Fight Monsanto- Votes not counted in CA affects PROP 37

"Something is a foot" with vote counting in Cali...Homies
S.510 Fax says Millions Against Monsanto is an Arm of Monsanto to fool us ...YES PROP 37... As anyone would know who stood with me on the "Jon Stewart expose Monsanto's S510 Bill" (we were getting 17,000 hits a day before we were deleted); a person has to be a good detective to figure all the angles. We found a change to USC laws in that bill. The change gave the FDA power to "REASON TO BELIEVE" instead of what the law said "DEATH OR SERIOUS HARM TO HUMANS AND/OR ANIMALS", among other sneaky stuff.
Only a King "reasons to believe" and that's the "WAY" it is. ...From behaviors in the past, and watching the directors do a "revolving door" between their jobs at Monsanto and their "Apointments" in the FDA one has to stop and think.
Controlled opposition is a way to syphon money away from the real helpers ---like a real group who can hire lawyers and scientists to take court action... 
 So what am I saying here? The fight has been going on for a few years very hard and well fought. Bu the dirty tricks...People flooded the Congress with vote no on S510, and Congress knew our intentions to not see this bill pass.
That is where to pass it Harry Reed...Waited to pounce. After so much posturing (real or an act?) the Congress was set to leave for the end of the year 2010 Christmas break. NO ONE WAS IN THE SENATE, except a few scribes. C-Span was off and there was no transciption for their records...Harry-the Speaker came into the Senate, stood at the podium, announced the bill and asked if there were any objections to it's passing. No one in the room- NO OBJECTIONS.
"As of 2:30PM today, Thursday, November 8th, two days after the election, many votes in California remain uncounted.

I tried to find out how many.

It turns out that the Secretary of State of CA, responsible for elections in the state, doesn't know.

I was told all counties in California have been asked, not ordered, to report in with those figures. It's voluntary.

So I picked out a few of the biggest counties and called their voter registrar offices. Here are the boggling results:

Santa Clara County: 180,000 votes remain uncounted.

Orange County: 241,336 votes remain uncounted.

San Diego County: 475,000 votes remain uncounted.

LA County: 782,658 votes remain uncounted.

In just those four counties, 1.6 million votes remain uncounted.

The California Secretary of State's website indicates that Prop 37 is behind by 559,776 votes.

So in the four counties I looked into, there are roughly three times as many uncounted votes as the margin of Prop 37's defeat.

And as I say, I checked the numbers in only four counties. There are 54 other counties in the state. Who knows how many votes they still need to process?

So why is anyone saying Prop 37 lost?

People will say, "Well, it's all about projections. There are experts. They know what they're doing. They made a prediction..."

Really? Who are those experts? I have yet to find them".

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